This specialization cultivates specialized skills in disease investigation, data analysis, and data presentation.

The explosion of digital data resulting from technological innovations in medical and biological informatics provides a wealth of new opportunities for students with this skill set to pursue numerous career paths in public health practice and research.

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Global Health

This specialization provides a focus on issues most pertinent to low- and middle-income countries. Students will learn the basic biology and epidemiology of major infectious diseases and health conditions in global health along with the underlying risk factors for these conditions, including socio-economic determinants and environmental exposures.

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Health Policy Analysis

This specialization prepares students to be leaders in health policy through positions in industry, nonprofits, and national, state, and local governments.

Students develop the knowledge and skills necessary to address critical issues in a complex and dynamic era of health care needs, delivery and reform. Students learn quantitative and qualitative skills necessary for evaluating and analyzing health care policies, laws, structures, and the policy-making process.

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Urban Design

This specialization brings interdisciplinary thinking to the multifaceted challenges of public health in urban environments, preparing students to understand, prevent and address the health consequences and inequities associated with a complex matrix of urban landscapes including transportation systems, food and recreation access, housing, work sites, and land use policies.

This specialization is offered in collaboration with the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts at Washington University. The Sam Fox School has the distinction of being one of 10 founding members of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture over 100 years ago, a long history of scholarly leadership in urban design, and an established Master of Urban Design degree.

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