Students from this program earn a Master of Social Work degree from the Brown School and a Master of Architecture or a Master of Urban Design degree from the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts.

The Master of Architecture program is typically three years (MArch 3), although students with a background in architecture may be admitted to the shorter MArch 2+ or MArch 2 programs. Required credit hours for the joint-degree programs vary accordingly, ranging from 99 to 144 credit hours.

The major goal of the program is to educate and prepare professional architects and urban designers with social work knowledge, values and skills. The program links physical design with social dimensions of planning and spatial design. Architecture courses such as urban planning, decision theory and design methods, and social and behavioral factors in planning and design may be applied toward the social work degree.

The Master of Urban Design is a post-professional program designed for students who already hold professional degrees in architecture, landscape architecture, or planning. The MSW/MUD joint degree program requires 78 credit hours.

Graduates of these joint-degree programs are prepared for work in urban planning, housing redevelopment to rehabilitation, teaching, and community and enterprise development. For more information, visit the Sam Fox School website.