If students have earned a BSW, they may be awarded between 3 and 19 credit hours of advanced standing for their BSW course work.


The following requirements apply:

  • The student earned a BSW from a CSWE-accredited institution or program within the past six years.
  • The content of each course is consistent with the Brown School's MSW course work.
  • The student received a grade of B or higher in the course.

Courses Eligible for Advanced Standing Credit (up to 19 hours):

SWCR 5007Research Methods with Statistical Applications3
SWCR 5011Human Behavior3
SWCR 5040Social Welfare Policies and Services3
SWCR 5038Social Work Practice with Individuals, Families, and Groups3
SWCR 5039Social Work Practice with Organizations and Communities3
SWPR 5006Foundation Practicum, First Semester 3
SWPR 5102Integrative Foundation Field Practicum Seminar1
Total Units19

Advanced Standing MSW Curriculum

MSW students who are awarded advanced standing complete at least 44 credit hours of course work at the Brown School, depending on the number of advanced standing credit hours awarded. The curriculum includes a required course for BSW graduates: Evidence-Based Practice Skills for BSW Grads (SWCR 5999).

The curriculum listed below is based on a student receiving 19 hours of advanced standing credit hours from the list of courses above. If a student does not receive advanced standing credit for a course, it will be added to the required course work.

Requirements Credit Hours
Foundation 9 credit hours
Social Justice and Human Diversity (SWCR 5015) 3
Social, Economic & Political Environment (SWCR 5012) 3
Evidence-Based Practice Skills for BSW Grads (SWCR 5999) 3
Concentration* 21 credit hours
Social Policy 3
Theory, Problems, and Issues 3-6
Practice Methods 6-9
Evaluation 3
Leadership and Management 3
Concentration Practicum 5 credit hours
Electives** 9 credit hours
Elective I 3
Elective II 3
Elective III 3

* Specific course options vary according to the concentration a student pursues.

** Electives may be used to earn an optional specialization or to take other graduate course work.

Curriculum and required credit hours are subject to change.