The MArch 2+ curriculum is a five-semester, advanced placement course of study, beginning always in a fall semester. Students are considered for placement in the MArch 2+ curriculum on the basis of design portfolio evaluation and the extent of their undergraduate architectural studies. Placement in this curriculum is highly selective. The MArch 2+ sequence begins with the final, comprehensive core studio (ARCH 419) and concludes with the Degree Project; parallel course work in each of the five semesters matches that of the MArch 2 curriculum, plus electives selected in consultation with the student's graduate adviser. This 75-credit program leads to a professionally accredited Master of Architecture degree.

Waiver Requirements

Students admitted to the MArch 2+ program have the opportunity to waive the following courses:

Building Systems (ARCH 445)
Structures I (ARCH 447A)
Structures II (ARCH 448A)
Architectural History I: Antiquity to Baroque (ARCH 4280)
Architectural History II: Architecture Since 1880 (ARCH 4284)
Environmental Systems I (ARCH 438)
Environmental Systems II (ARCH 439)

The waived courses will be replaced with general elective credits.


Master of Architecture: MArch 2+

Note: The requirements below may be revised during the 2017-18 academic year. Please visit our website for the most up-to-date requirements.

Requirements: 75 units

Year 1, Fall Semester:
ARCH 419Architectural Design III (MArch 3)6
ARCH 4284Architectural History II: Architecture Since 1880 23
ARCH 447AStructures I 23
ARCH 445Building Systems 23
Year 1, Spring Semester:
ARCH 511Architectural Design V 16
ARCH 4280Architectural History I: Antiquity to Baroque 23
ARCH 448AStructures II 23
ARCH 439Environmental Systems II 23
Year 2, Fall Semester:
ARCH 512Architectural Design VI 16
ARCH 538CAdvanced Building Systems3
History + Theory Research & Writing Elective3
Urban Issues Elective3
Year 2, Spring Semester:
ARCH 611Architectural Design VII 16
ARCH 580Design Thinking: Research and Design Methods3
History + Theory Elective3
General Elective3
Year 3, Fall Semester:
ARCH 616Degree Project6
ARCH 646Professional Practice I3
General Elective3
General Elective3
Total Units75

One studio must be comprehensive.


May be waived. Any courses waived must be fulfilled as elective credits.

For a list of available courses, please refer to the Courses section of the Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design in this Bulletin.