This full seven-semester professional curriculum is for students holding baccalaureate degrees with majors in architecture and with majors other than architecture. The program begins with a series of core studios and courses before students progress into the advanced studio sequence. This 105-credit program leads to a professionally accredited Master of Architecture degree.

Waiver Requirements

Students admitted to the MArch 3 program have the opportunity to waive the following courses:

Building Systems (ARCH 445)
Structures I (ARCH 447A)
Structures II (ARCH 448A)
Architectural History I: Antiquity to Baroque (ARCH 4280)
Architectural History II: Architecture Since 1880 (ARCH 4284)
Environmental Systems I (ARCH 438)
Environmental Systems II (ARCH 439)

The waived courses will be replaced with general elective credits.


Master of Architecture: MArch 3

Note: The requirements below may be revised during the 2016-17 academic year. Please visit our website for the most up-to-date requirements.

Requirements: 105 units

Year 1, Fall Semester:
ARCH 317Architectural Design I (MArch 3)6
ARCH 323AArchitectural Representation I (MArch 3)3
ARCH 339Concepts and Principles of Architecture I3
ARCH 408ADigital Visualization Workshop: 2-D Representation1
ARCH 4284Architectural History II: Architecture Since 1880 23
Year 1, Spring Semester:
ARCH 318Architectural Design II (MArch 3)6
ARCH 323AArchitectural Representation I (MArch 3)3
ARCH 408BDigital Visualization Workshop: Advanced 3-D Modeling1
ARCH 4280Architectural History I: Antiquity to Baroque 23
ARCH 438Environmental Systems I 23
Year 2, Fall Semester:
ARCH 408CDigital Visualization Workshop: Advanced Rendering1
ARCH 419Architectural Design III (MArch 3)6
ARCH 445Building Systems 23
ARCH 447AStructures I 23
General Elective3
Year 2, Spring Semester:
ARCH 439Environmental Systems II 23
ARCH 448AStructures II 23
ARCH 511Architectural Design V 16
History + Theory Elective3
Year 3, Fall Semester:
ARCH 512Architectural Design VI 16
ARCH 538CAdvanced Building Systems3
History + Theory Elective3
General Elective3
Year 3, Spring Semester:
ARCH 512Architectural Design VI 16
ARCH 580Design Thinking: Research and Design Methods3
Urban Issues Elective3
General Elective3
Year 4, Fall Semester:
ARCH 616Degree Project6
ARCH 646Professional Practice I3
General Elective3
Total units105

One studio must be comprehensive.


May be waived. Any courses waived must be fulfilled as elective credits.

For a list of available courses, please refer to the Courses section of the Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design in this Bulletin.