Students with a professional degree or the equivalent in architecture, urban planning, or landscape architecture may apply for admission to the program leading to the Master of Urban Design degree. This degree is awarded upon completion of a three-term graduate curriculum devoted to urban design.


Master of Urban Design Degree

Candidates for a Master of Urban Design (MUD) degree are required to complete a total of 42 units of credit. Course work covers history/theory of urban form, urban sustainability, morphology and metabolism of urban form, real estate development, landscape urbanism, infrastructural urbanism, regulating controls and zoning, and community development, and are spread over the fall and spring semesters. In addition to the course work, three urban design studios (inclusive of a 1-2 week field trip in the spring semester and an immersion international traveling summer studio) are required. Students are also encouraged to participate in two workshops, one in St. Louis and an international workshop over spring break.

Semester Units
Metropolitan Urbanism 3
Metropolitan Development 3
Elements of Urban Design Studio 6
Informal Cities Workshop 1
Urban Design Elective 3
Metropolitan Design Elements Studio 6
Lively Cities Masterclass 2
Metropolitan Sustainability 3
Urban Design Elective 3
Urban Design Elective 3
Degree Project Design Studio (International Traveling Studio) 6
Urban Design Research Theories & Methods 3
Total Units 42

Master of Urban Design Studio Grade Requirement

A MUD student wishing to take the summer urban design studio (ARCH 714) must have earned a minimum average grade of B- or better in the first two urban design studios (ARCH 711 and ARCH 713). Students who do not fulfill this minimum requirement must repeat 711 and/or 713. If a student has not fulfilled this minimum requirement after repeating 711 and/or 713, the student's status in the program will be determined by a committee of faculty.

Master of Urban Design Combined Degree Programs

The MUD program offers a series of combined degree programs including:

These combined degree programs are of particular value to those who want to pursue an interdisciplinary approach to architecture and urban design. They prepare the student for a wide array of diverse career opportunities.

For a list of available courses, please refer to the Courses section of the Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design in this Bulletin.