Financial Services – Graduate Programs (Including Professional MBA)

Tuition and Fees

  • First-Year MBA: Tuition: $93,075 ($31,025 per semester)
  • First-Year MBA Fees and Attendance Costs: Orientation program fee, $550; activity fee, $260 (estimated); health and wellness fee, $500; books and supplies, $2,782; room and board, $17,696; student health insurance,* $1,956 (estimated); personal and miscellaneous, $5,268
  • First-year MACC: Tuition: $64,600 (Note: Program requires fall 2020 tuition of $19,380)
  • ​First-year MSA: Tuition: $65,500 (Note: Program requires fall 2020 tuition of $19,650)
  • ​First-year MSSCM: ​Tuition: $62,100 (Note: Program requires fall 2020 tuition of $18,630)
  • First-year MSFC, MSFWAM, and MSFQ: Tuition: $67,600 (Note: Programs require fall 2020 tuition of $20,280)
  • MACC, MSA, MSSCM, MSFC, MSFWAM, and MSFQ Fees and Attendance Costs: Passport, Career Stamp, and SMP Start, $950 (first-year international students only); activity fee, $200 (estimated); health and wellness fee, $500; books and supplies, $2,782; room and board, $17,696; student health insurance,*  $1,956 (estimated); personal and miscellaneous, $5,268
  • ​Global Master of Finance (GMF): ​Tuition: $54,100; please contact Olin Graduate Admissions for partner school tuition plus program fees and attendance costs.                                                  
  • Professional MBA and Part-Time Programs: Students are billed at a per-credit-hour rate of $1,810 per unit.

* All Washington University students are required to carry health insurance. Full-time graduate students on the Danforth Campus are automatically enrolled in (and billed for) the basic student health insurance plan unless proof of comparable coverage is provided. (International students are not eligible to waive out of the insurance plan.) For details about available plans and waiving options, visit the Student Health Services website.

Note: International students should review financial documentation requirements for student visas.

Tuition Refund

Students considering withdrawing from school are encouraged to consult with their adviser and/or the Director of Student Affairs. To officially withdraw, a student will need to provide written notification. Students who withdraw after a school term is underway will ordinarily receive a tuition refund based on the last day of class attendance as follows:

Withdrawal Date Refund
Within the first week of classes 100%
After the first week and before the end of the third week of classes 75%
After the third week and before the end of the seventh week of classes 50%
After the seventh week and before the end of the eighth week of classes 25%
After the eighth week of classes No refund

Financial Aid

The Olin Business School offers numerous scholarship awards thanks to the generosity of our alumni and friends of the university. All full-time applicants are automatically considered for our merit-based scholarships. These awards are guaranteed for the duration of the required terms associated with a program of study.

The Olin Graduate Financial Services office administers all forms of financial assistance available through Washington University. The sources of aid include institutional scholarship, the Stafford Loan program and the Grad PLUS Loan program. Students are also able to apply for educational loans through private banks.

The School of Business makes every effort to meet the minimum financial needs of each enrolled student. Consistent with the policy of most professional schools, we assume that students will bear the primary cost burden of their educational expenses. Therefore, long-term loans are the primary source of financial assistance.


To apply for loans, students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the Washington University Application for Financial Aid.

The FAFSA requires approximately 10 working days to issue the need analysis to the school. It is the student's responsibility to secure financial aid forms and to meet all deadlines. The FAFSA can be filed online by visiting the FAFSA website. The FAFSA code for Washington University is 002520.

The Business School Financial Assistance Application (PDF) can also be completed online.

The School of Business makes admission decisions without regard to any request for financial aid. Scholarship notification letters are sent out at the time of program admission. However, we do not award loans until a student has placed a tuition deposit for their chosen degree program.

Contact:Olin Graduate Financial Services