Students seeking the Postdoctoral Medical Physics Certificate must complete 18 course credits, which can be completed in 2 to 4 semesters. A Medical Physics Certificate allows a student with a PhD in physics or another related subject to apply for medical physics residency programs and to seek a career as a clinical medical physicist.

Required Courses

Biol 4580Principles of Human Anatomy and Development3
BME 507Radiological Physics and Dosimetry3
BME 589/ESE 589Biological Imaging Technology3
BME 5071Radiobiology2
BME 5072Radiation Therapy Physics3
BME 5073Radiation Protection and Safety2
BME 5074Advance Clinical Medical Physics Lab2
Total Units18

Additional Information

  • To be admitted to the Medical Physics Certificate program, a candidate must have a PhD in physics, nuclear engineering or a similar field and submit a formal application.
  • Candidates must have three undergraduate-level or graduate-level advanced physics courses to be considered for admission.

Contact Information

Contact:Rao Khan