This 12-month professional graduate degree is designed for students interested in entrepreneurship or "intra"preneurship for advanced placement within a medical device company, other health care company or running their own startup. It is a team-based approach in which students develop the engineering, design and business skills to solve an unmet clinical need.

The program consists of 30 units that are distributed into five areas:

  • Engineering Skills (6 units)
  • Master Design (10 units)
  • Biomedical Product Development (4 units)
  • Biomedical Business Development (4 units)
  • Targeted Electives (6 units)

The Master of Engineering in Biomedical Innovation (MEng-BMI) program has a list of specific courses that are required. These are found in the Courses section in the E62 BME 57## sequence. Visit the Policies and Regulations guide located on the BME website for the MEng-BMI program timeline.