Scholarships & Assistantships

Financial aid in the form of scholarships and assistantships is administered by the academic department or program that is the indicated major of the student. Scholarships, wages and stipends are only available to full-time students who can demonstrate the potential of making significant contributions to the department and its research activities. Continuation of scholarships and assistantships is based on academic performance.

Highly qualified applicants for full-time study will be considered for scholarships and assistantships based upon funds available in each department or program. Scholarships and assistantships are limited to available funds including government and private-sector grants and contracts. Graduate Record Examination (GRE) test scores must be provided by applicants to be considered for scholarships or assistantships. All fall semester doctoral applications will be reviewed for full financial assistantship if they are submitted by the application deadline of January 15.

Students holding scholarships and assistantships are required to devote full time to their graduate studies. They are not permitted to engage in any other work without special permission of Engineering. Awards may be made for the academic year (typically nine months) or the full calendar year (12 months), depending on the student's circumstances and the nature and source of the award.


The federal government provides a number of student loan programs with rules and requirements for each program. These are subject to change by the government agency overseeing the program and require that detailed financial information be provided by the student.