The staff members of the Graduate School are here to help students complete graduate degrees successfully. They are committed to being of service to students, and they can be of inestimable assistance in navigating a program of graduate study.

Nevertheless, students should always ask questions first of their degree program's administrative faculty and staff. Many of the Graduate School's general policies are carried out by discipline-specific implementation plans, and much of the paperwork that enables a student to proceed must come to the Graduate School from the faculty and staff of the program rather than from the student.

For a listing of the administrative staff of the Graduate School, please refer to the "Administrators" section of this page.


Dean and Vice Provost for Graduate Education

William F. Tate
Edward Mallinckrodt Distinguished University Professor in Arts & Sciences

Staff of the Graduate School

Bridget Coleman
Director of Admissions & Recruiting

Patti Curtis
Administrative Assistant to Dean Tate; Student Funding Coordinator

Amy Gassel
Assistant Director of Graduate Student Financial Services; Coordinator of Diversity Programs

Pat Howard
Assistant Dean; Registrar

Lynn Lowry
Program Coordinator

Ashley Macrander
Assistant Dean for Graduate Student Affairs

Angie Mahon
Assistant Registrar; Engineering Student Coordinator

Kimberly McCabe
Graduate Student Leadership Coordinator

Diana Hill Mitchell
Senior Associate Dean; Director of the Olin Fellowship Program

Thi Nguyen
Associate Dean for Graduate Career and Professional Development

Sheri Notaro
Associate Dean; Director of the Chancellor's Graduate Fellowship Program

Rachel Pepe
Operations Manager

Rachel Retzlaff
Business Manager

Susan Shannon
Accounting & Payroll Assistant

Angelina Sylvain
Graduate Education Analyst