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Aerospace Engineering (PhD)

American Culture Studies (Certificate)

American Culture Studies (University College: AM)

Anthropology (PhD)

Art History and Archaeology (AM, PhD)

Biochemistry (PhD)

Biology (University College: AM, MS)

Biomedical Engineering (PhD)

Business Administration (PhD)

Chemistry (PhD)

Chinese (AM)

Chinese & Comparative Literature (PhD)

Chinese Language and Literature (PhD)

Classics (AM, PhD)

Comparative Literature (PhD)

Computational & Molecular Biophysics (PhD)

Computational & Systems Biology (PhD)

Computer Engineering (PhD)

Computer Science (PhD)

Dance (MFA)

Data Science in the Humanities (Certificate)

Developmental, Regenerative & Stem Cell Biology (PhD)

Earth and Planetary Sciences (PhD)

East Asian Studies (AM)

Economics (PhD)

Education (Elementary and Secondary Teacher Certification, MAEd, MAT, PhD)

Education (University College: MAEd-IP, Post-Baccalaureate Certification)

Electrical Engineering (PhD)

Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering (PhD)

English and American Literature (PhD)

English and Comparative Literature (PhD)

Evolution, Ecology & Population Biology (PhD)

Film and Media Studies (Certificate, AM)

French & Comparative Literature (PhD)

French Language and Literature (PhD)

German & Comparative Literature (PhD)

Germanic Languages and Literatures (PhD)

Hispanic Languages and Literatures (PhD)

History (PhD)

Human & Statistical Genetics (PhD)

Human Resources Management (University College: AM)

Immunology (PhD)

International Affairs (University College: AM)

Islamic and Near Eastern Studies (AM)

Japanese (AM)

Japanese & Comparative Literature (PhD)

Japanese Language and Literature (PhD)

Jewish Studies (AM)

Language Instruction (Certificate)

Latin American Studies (Certificate)

Liberal Arts (University College: MLA, DLA)

Materials Science & Engineering (PhD)

Mathematics (AM, PhD)

Mechanical Engineering (PhD)

Molecular Cell Biology (PhD)

Molecular Genetics & Genomics (PhD)

Molecular Microbiology & Microbial Pathogenesis (PhD)

Movement Science (PhD)

Music (AM, PhD)

Neurosciences (PhD)

Nonprofit Management (University College: AM)

Philosophy (PhD)

Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology (PhD)

Physics (PhD)

Plant & Microbial Biosciences (PhD)

Political Science (PhD)

Psychological & Brain Sciences (PhD)

Public Health Sciences (PhD)

Quantitative Data Analysis (Certificate)

Rehabilitation and Participation Science (PhD)

Social Work (PhD)

Spanish & Comparative Literature (PhD)

Speech and Hearing Sciences (PhD)

Statistics (AM, PhD)

Statistics (University College: AM)

Systems Science & Mathematics (PhD)

Theater and Performance Studies (AM)

Translation Studies (Certificate)

Urban Studies (Certificate)

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (Certificate)

Writing (MFA)