Gammon M. Earhart
PhD, Washington University
Neural control of locomotion in people with Parkinson's disease


W. Todd Cade
PhD, University of Maryland, Baltimore
Mechanisms and treatments of metabolic diseases

B. Ruth Clark
PhD, Saint Louis University
Promotion of nutrition and exercise in urban residents

Joseph W. Klaesner
PhD, Vanderbilt University
Rehabilitation engineering

Catherine E. Lang
Associate Director, Movement Science Program
PhD, Washington University
Stroke recovery and rehabilitation; neurorehabilitation

Michael J. Mueller
PhD, Washington University
Metabolic and movement factors in people with diabetes mellitus (DM)

Susan B. Racette
PhD, University of Chicago
Dietary and exercise interventions for health promotion and disease prevention

Linda R. Van Dillen
PhD, Washington University
Musculoskeletal pain problems in the low back, hip and neck

Assistant Professors

Michael Harris
PhD, University of Utah
Whole body & joint-level orthopaedic biomechanics

Gretchen A. Meyer
PhD, University of California, San Diego
Mechanical and cellular contributors to skeletal muscle disease

Diana C. Parra Perez
PhD, Washington University
Physical activity and healthy diets and their role in preventing chronic disease and obesity