University College offers both a Master of Arts in Biology and a Master of Science in Biology for Science Teachers.

Master of Arts in Biology

The Master of Arts in Biology program helps students update and deepen their knowledge of the biomedical sciences, prepare for employment in related fields, and advance their professional standing — while obtaining a graduate science degree on a part-time basis through evening, weekend, and online courses.

Designed to be adaptable to each individual's unique background and goals, the program provides a flexible curriculum and close individual advising for each student. Students include science and health professionals, teachers, technicians, and individuals in biology-related businesses.

Students in this program have the option of choosing a concentration in neurobiology for deeper, more focused study.

Master of Science in Biology for Science Teachers

The Master of Science (MS) in Biology is a two-year program designed to fit the schedules of working teachers. It includes two summer institutes, three weeks each, in residence at Washington University, along with online course work during the academic years following each summer. Students seeking the MS in Biology must satisfactorily complete 30 units of prescribed course work covering a wide range of scientific topics and methods for teaching them. The program admits new students in alternate years.

Contact:Ian Duncan