We live today in a rich and varied culture. Every moral, social, political, and cultural question we face demands the broadest consideration we can give it, drawing from the multiplicity of methods and perspectives nurtured and cultivated in the many disciplines of a great university.

Master of Liberal Arts (MLA)

The Master of Liberal Arts provides the chance to practice the methods of interdisciplinary inquiry that are the hallmark of a rigorous liberal arts education. As a student in the program, one can explore questions of identity through art, literature, and religion; analyze the politics of race in fiction, historical documents, the visual arts, and music; debate ethical choices presented by fiction writers, jurists, philosophers, and scientists from antiquity through the present.

Students examine literary, artistic, and cinematic masterpieces; historic moments of discovery and change; traditions of thought; cultural differences; and civic responsibilities. They sharpen their thinking about contemporary values and choices through courses that ask them to reflect on an individual's relation to society; on technology and the spread of ideas; on challenges to freedom; and on inspiration and creativity.

Doctor of Liberal Arts (DLA)

The Doctor of Liberal Arts (DLA) is designed for the experienced adult learner who wishes to pursue rigorous interdisciplinary study along with independent, scholarly reading and research. The degree is designed to cultivate interdisciplinary skills, intellectual habits, analytical and critical reasoning, effective writing, and broad-based decision making. The DLA is primarily for working professionals who have already earned a master's degree and who seek further intellectual enrichment while pursuing advanced graduate study on an evening, part-time basis. This degree neither constitutes a professional credential nor provides training for an academic career.

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