Graduate Study

University College administers the Doctor of Liberal Arts, Master of Liberal Arts, Master of Arts, and Master of Science, in coordination with the Graduate School. University College administers the Master of Science in Clinical Research Management in coordination with Washington University School of Medicine. University College also offers a range of graduate-level certificate programs.

To earn the Doctor of Liberal Arts degree at Washington University, a student must complete 45 credit hours after earning a relevant master's degree, pass a written and oral comprehensive examination, and write and defend a thesis.

Master's degree programs in University College consist of 30-36 units of graduate-level courses including, in some cases, a 6-unit master's thesis or a 3-unit directed research project.

Normally, up to 6 units of related graduate-level study, with a grade of B or higher, may be transferred to a graduate program. All other courses must be taken at Washington University. Only courses taken for a letter grade may be applied to a graduate program of study. Courses taken as pass/fail or audit will not count toward a graduate program of study.* Grades below C- will not count toward a graduate degree program of study. Students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 to be eligible to receive a graduate degree.

Please visit the University College website or call 314-935-6700 for more detailed information, requirements and policies concerning specific graduate degree programs.


Admission to the Doctor of Liberal Arts program is extremely competitive. Candidates must already hold a master's degree in a relevant subject from an accredited institution of higher learning. The fall application deadline is April 1; the spring application deadline is October 15. Please visit the University College website for more detailed admissions requirements and information about the Doctor of Liberal Arts.

Admission to master's degree programs is competitive and open on a selective basis to qualified individuals who have earned a baccalaureate degree. University College and the Graduate School review completed applications and make admissions decisions on a rolling basis for master's degree programs. The process typically takes four to six weeks. Accordingly, master's degree applicants should submit materials according to the following schedule in order to ensure a timely decision: November 15 for spring; April 15 for summer; July 15 for fall. Please visit the University College website for additional program-specific admission requirements.

Graduate Degrees in University College

AM, MAEd, and MS in Biology degrees are conferred by the Graduate School. MS in Clinical Research Management is conferred by University College.

* Note: University College students may apply a maximum of 6 units of P/F credit from graduate-level courses in the Olin Business School to a master's degree program in University College. The courses must be authorized by University College and the Graduate School, and the student must have received Pass or High Pass in the Olin School course. Courses with grades of Low Pass are not eligible. This policy applies only to courses completed on a P/F basis in the Olin Business School prior to a student's admission to a University CollegeĀ graduate program of study administered by University College and conferred by the Graduate School. Once admitted to a University College program of study, students who are authorized to take courses in the Olin School and apply them toward their program of study are required to convert P/F to letter grades at the time of registration.