Why is the study of urban life, of living in cities, an important area of study? The answer is simple. Because of increasing urbanization — that is, the dynamics resulting from people moving into densely populated areas — worldwide projections show the increase in urban populations everywhere. Not only are world cities growing by one million people per week, but demographers suggest that by 2050, more than two-thirds of the planet's population will be urban dwellers. The issues impacting our densely populated cities and those who inhabit them will be the focus of substantive research and policy debates in the 21st century. Because we seek to prepare our students to be leaders on the world stage, in-depth study in urbanism and urbanization on both a national and international scale is in keeping with that preparation.

The Graduate Certificate Program in Urban Studies is administered by the Urban Studies program and the Graduate School. The Urban Studies program director, Professor Carol Camp Yeakey, is responsible for the Graduate Certificate Program.

Contact:Carol Camp-Yeakey

Graduate Certificate Program in Urban Studies

The Graduate Certificate Program in Urban Studies is open to PhD students in any discipline. It is administered by the Center on Urban Research and Public Policy according to the Graduate School's general requirements for graduate certificates.

Specifically, the graduate certificate requires successful completion of five courses for a total of 15 graduate units: two core courses and three electives. Up to two of these five courses may also be counted for the PhD.