Washington University offers a Graduate Certificate in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGSS) for students in AM or PhD programs who wish to enhance their disciplinary studies with an interdisciplinary concentration in gender and sexuality studies. The certificate offers students opportunities to meet and work with faculty and graduate students in departments throughout Arts & Sciences and the professional schools who do research on women, gender and sexuality. The certificate prepares students for job opportunities within women, gender, and sexuality studies programs as well as within their home disciplines. Graduate certificate students are invited to participate in a variety of events, including special guest lectures and workshops, conferences, the WGSS Colloquium Series, faculty searches, the WGSS newsletter Gender Spectrum, and informal gatherings. The department sponsors a graduate certificate workshop providing both professional development and a place where graduate students share their research and writing with others interested in feminist, gender, and sexuality-oriented scholarship.

The WGSS department also offers certificate students the opportunity to observe and then design and teach sections of introductory courses in WGSS and to participate in this joint mentored teaching experience (MTE). The MTE in WGSS takes place over two semesters. During the first, students undergo a mentored teaching preparation semester in which they observe the class they will teach and are mentored by the instructor. They also attend instructor meetings devoted to examining content and pedagogy. They develop a syllabus, often in consultation with their WGSS teaching mentor and their department adviser, that is reviewed carefully by WGSS faculty. These students may also be undergoing a mentored teaching experience in their own departments during this first semester. The next semester, they teach the WGSS course, are observed by WGSS faculty and, in some cases, by faculty in their own departments. These faculty use a rubric for the assessment, which is made available to the student, and receive a written assessment, which they then discuss with the observing WGSS faculty member. Sometimes students are observed and assessed more than once. Students who undergo the MTE are equipped to offer both disciplinary and interdisciplinary scholarly and teaching expertise to hiring institutions. The Graduate Certificate in WGSS provides students with a rich repertoire of pedagogical skills, scholarly opportunities, professional development, and collaborative experiences.


Graduate Certificate in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Graduate students interested in the certificate should apply for it after consulting both their departmental director of graduate studies and the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies certificate chair. The certificate requires the completion of five graduate-level courses, at least two of which must be drawn from home-based Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies course offerings.