The Skandalaris Center for Interdisciplinary Innovation and Entrepreneurship is the place on campus Where Creative Minds Connect.


The Skandalaris Center aims to inspire and develop creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship at Washington University in St. Louis.

Who We Serve

Our initiatives serve all Washington University students, alumni, faculty, and staff and sometimes the community. We call this the SC Network.

Our Initiatives

Our initiatives are divided into three parts:

  1. Get Connected
  2. Get Trained
  3. Get Funded

Get Connected

A great way to get started in creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship at Washington University is to get connected with peers and various resources:

Join a Student Group or Fellowship

There are 14 student organizations committed to various aspects of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Some are limited to undergraduate or graduate student participation, and some support all.

Visit our Student Organizations webpage.

Join the Skandalaris Center Email List

The email newsletter is the most up-to-date and complete record of upcoming opportunities.

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Get Trained

The Skandalaris Center offers many programs that provide real-world, practical training in creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Below are a few program examples: 

  1. InSITE Fellowship
    The InSITE Fellowship is a prestigious fellowship available to graduate students who demonstrate a passion and drive for innovation, entrepreneurship, and/or venture capital. A nationally recognized fellowship, this is an opportunity for graduate students in all schools to work with local entrepreneurs and venture capitalists (VCs) on consulting projects. In addition to connecting with local startups and VCs, fellows will have the opportunity to attend national conferences, including SXSW, and host networking events on campus.
    Washington University is among peer schools such as Stanford, MIT, Harvard, NYU, Columbia, and University of Pennsylvania, as it is one of the first schools in the Midwest, along with University of Chicago, to launch the InSITE Fellowship.

  2. Meet & Eats
    "Meet & Eats" are irregularly occurring talks intended to help expose students to a variety of creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs. The topic and/or industry changes every time, but one thing remains consistent: We buy you food!

  3. Hatchery
    Various schools at Washington University offer entrepreneurial training for credit. One such course is The Hatchery (Business Planning for New Enterprises). It is offered by the Olin Business School in both the fall and spring semesters and is open to all students at the university.
    Students form teams around a commercial or social venture idea proposed by a student or community entrepreneur. The deliverables for the course include two presentations to a panel of judges and a complete business plan. The deliverables in the course are similar to the deliverables in the Skandalaris Center's business plan competitions and can be a valuable first step toward competitions and funding for a new venture.

Get Funded

The Skandalaris Center offers three business plan competitions for the Washington University community:

LEAP Inventor Challenge

The LEAP Inventor Challenge awards funding to those with translational research and inventions with the goal of advancing Washington University in St. Louis's intellectual property toward commercialization.

  • Who Can Apply: Washington University faculty, postdoc, graduate student, and staff research teams
  • Award: Award amounts vary

The Skandalaris Center Cup (SC Cup)

The SC Cup provides expert mentorship to scalable, for-profit ventures to ready them for commercializing their idea, launching, and pitching to investors.

  • Who Can Apply: Washington University students, postdocs, and recent alumni
  • Award: Up to $5K, six months of mentorship

Suren G. Dutia and Jas K. Grewal Global Impact Award (GIA)

GIA awards scalable, impactful, quick-to-market Washington University-affiliated startups.

  • Who Can Apply: Washington University students, postdocs, residents, and recent alumni
  • Award: Up to $50K

Learn More

Please contact the Skandalaris Center for additional information about all programs. We're excited to hear from you!

Contact:Jessica Stanko