The Graduate Certificate in Applied Mathematics recognizes those who have pursued significant advanced study in the field of mathematics beyond the bachelor's degree. It is awarded upon completion of 15 units of 400-level or higher course work in applied mathematics.

Admission to the graduate certificate program normally requires a baccalaureate degree with an undergraduate preparation in mathematics, including the completion of the calculus sequence (single- and multivariable), an introductory course in computer programming similar to Math 133 Programming with Python, and courses in differential equations and matrix algebra.

Contact:Lisa Kuehne

Graduate Certificate in Applied Mathematics

In order to complete the required 15 units of advanced undergraduate course work, students must have already completed the prerequisites for such courses.

The equivalent course work in University College:

Math 155Calculus I3
Math 156Calculus II3
Math 255Calculus III3
Math 256Calculus IV3
Math 133Programming with Python3
Math 301Differential Equations3
Math 309Linear Algebra3

Each semester, various advanced courses are offered. A selection of courses that meet the requirements of the certificate: