The Graduate Certificate in International Affairs provides a foundation of courses for students who want to understand and analyze the complex questions, risks, and opportunities associated with living and working in a rapidly changing global environment. Our heightened economic and political interdependence generates challenges in areas such as social justice, diversity, international security, sustainable development, resource distribution, technology, and human rights. Moreover, rising nationalism and complex ethnic and religious tensions pose ongoing challenges while they also invite strategies for compromise and cooperation.

Contact:Andy Sobel

Graduate Certificate in International Affairs

For the 15-unit Graduate Certificate in International Affairs, students must choose courses from the International Affairs curriculum. Up to 6 units of electives from a related area may apply with approval.

All courses must be on the 400 (graduate) level or above. Tuition rates and application procedures are the same as for the 30-credit AM degree.

Online Option: University College offers fully online courses in International Affairs (IA) that provide the option of completing this certificate in a fully online format.

IA courses can be found on the Master of Arts in International Affairs page of this Bulletin.