The MS in Biology is a two-year program designed to fit the schedules of working teachers. It consists of two summer institutes, three weeks each, in residence at Washington University. The remaining course work during the academic years will be completed online. Summer housing is available for out-of-town students and included in the cost of the program. Teachers in the program continue working together throughout the summer and online courses, using social media to develop a professional networking group.

The MS in Biology program, offered through University College, resides at the Institute for School Partnership, Washington University's signature effort to strategically improve teaching and learning within the K-12 education community. Grounded in this manner, the program receives the added benefit that comes from being tied to an organization that truly focuses on teacher and student success as well as providing the best professional development from top biology faculty. The faculty who teach in the program use their own and related current research in the courses to demonstrate the importance of scientific issues to the global community.

Contact:Shawn Cummings

Master of Science in Biology

Students seeking the Master of Science in Biology must satisfactorily complete 30 units of graduate course work in the life sciences including two Capstone courses designed to be completed each academic year. In Capstone I students will work with the program director to conduct an action research on a topic relevant to life science learning in their classrooms. Capstone II provides an opportunity for the students to conduct research on the implementation of a leadership project they have chosen to fulfill over their final academic year prior to graduation.