In addition to earning academic credit through University College, there are opportunities for personal enrichment and professional development through a number of noncredit opportunities. For more information on personal and professional development programs, please call 314-935-6700 or visit the University College website.

Arts & Sciences Special Audit Program

The Arts & Sciences Special Audit Program provides the opportunity to audit selected undergraduate and graduate courses offered by University College and Arts & Sciences at a reduced fee on a noncredit, space-available basis. Courses are scheduled during day and evening hours for fall and spring. Courses taken as special audit will not appear on a Washington University transcript, and a grade report is not issued. Courses taken on a special audit basis do not carry academic credit and do not apply to degree requirements in a University College program of study. Special auditors attend lectures and discussions, but are not required to complete written work. The special audit option in University College makes it easy to challenge oneself to high quality continuing education at Washington University.

MLA Saturday Seminar Series

The MLA Saturday Seminars, held each spring and sponsored by the Master of Liberal Arts Program in University College, showcase Arts & Sciences faculty who explore a common theme from different perspectives and academic disciplines. The seminars are offered free of charge to the public.

Science Saturdays

University College and the Department of Physics invite everyone to join Washington University scholars and teachers as they explore the frontiers of science. The lecture series, scheduled in both fall and spring semesters, are offered free of charge to the public.

Lifelong Learning Institute

The Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI) at Washington University offers a wide variety of courses that emphasize peer learning and active class participation by senior adults. Study groups are not for credit and there are no exams or grades. Nevertheless, all members of this learning community take their responsibilities seriously, and student participation is an essential element in our continuing vitality. There are offerings in art and architecture, contemporary issues, creative writing, economics, film studies, history, literature, math, science, technology, music, and philosophy. Knowledgeable members plan, develop, and present the courses and related field trips, workshops, and cultural and social events.

Most subjects are offered in three eight-week regular terms (fall, winter, and spring) and one four-week summer session. A few special interest group courses continue year-round. Those who enroll as annual members are entitled to take two eight-week courses or one eight-week and two four-week courses in each of the fall, winter, and spring terms. Those who do not choose annual membership enroll in individual four- and eight-week courses. Classes meet at Washington University's West Campus in the building on the northwest corner of Forsyth and Jackson streets, 9 North Jackson, in Clayton. There are elevators between the upper garage floors and the classroom floor on the street level. For more information and to be put on the mailing list, visit the LLI website or call 314-935-4237.