The Master of Laws (LLM) with a concentration in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution (NDR) program at Washington University prepares practicing lawyers to further their careers as effective and skilled negotiators, advocates, mediators, arbitrators, diplomats, ombudspersons, practitioners, policymakers, and business leaders in local, national, and international arenas. Negotiation and Dispute Resolution has grown considerably over the past 40 years and is now the primary vehicle for legal dispute resolution in almost every area of legal practice in almost every country in the world.

Students earn both a Juris Doctoris (JD) and an LLM with a concentration in NDR in either the six-semester program or the seven-semester option. The innovative and unique six-semester program allows students to earn both degrees without sacrificing summer employment opportunities, thereby giving students a competitive advantage in the employment market at graduation.

The joint degree program requires a total of 94 credits for graduation with both degrees, compared with the 86 credits required for the JD degree. Students must take at least 15 credits of courses from the NDR LLM curriculum.

Students taking the combined degree program would be required to pay an extra semester's tuition at a 40 percent discount, payable in the student's final semester.

Students can still consider the traditional one-year program. Visit our website for more information about that program.

Admission Process

Candidates must: (1) Complete the online application. No application fee is required; (2) Complete the form Permission to Release Academic Record/Information granting permission for the LLM Committee to access their JD records and transcript; and (3) Email Rachael Johnson once they have submitted the online application.

Application deadlines:

  • Six-semester JD/LLM — May 15 of 2L year
  • Seven-semester JD/LLM — May 15 of 3L year

Additional Information

Visit our website for more information. For curriculum information, contact:

Professor Karen Tokarz
Director, Negotiation and Dispute Resolution Program
Phone: 314-935-6414
Fax: 314-935-5356

JD/LLM with a Concentration in NDR

Six-Semester Program

  • Students earn 8 credits beyond those required for the JD or a total of 94 credits.
  • Cost: one semester LLM tuition at a 40 percent discount, payable in the student's final semester.

Seven-Semester Program

  • Students take 9 additional credits while in the JD program.
  • Upon obtaining the JD degree, students take 15 additional NDR credits in one full-time semester in the LLM program.
  • Cost: one semester of LLM tuition at a 40 percent discount, payable during the full-time semester in the LLM program.