The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology has clinical teaching services located at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Missouri Baptist Medical Center under the following director:

George A. Macones, MD, MSCE
Professor and Head, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

In addition, for the purposes of teaching, clinical care and research, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology is divided into subspecialty divisions under the following directors:

Gynecologic Oncology
Matthew A. Powell, MD

Maternal-Fetal Medicine
Allison G. Cahill, MD, MSCI

Jeffrey M. Dicke, MD

Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility
Randall R. Odem, MD

General Obstetrics and Gynecology
Eric A. Strand, MD

Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery (formerly Uro-Gynecology)
Jerry L. Lowder, MD, MS

Family Planning
Tessa Madden, MD, MPH

Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology
Diane F. Merritt, MD

Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery
Scott W. Biest, MD

Kelle H. Moley, MD (Basic Research)
Methodius Tuuli, MD, MPH (Clinical Research)

OB-GYN Residency Program Director
Eric A. Strand, MD

OB-GYN Student Clerkship Director
Tammy Sonn, MD


While the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology does not offer its own degree, some of the department's courses are open to students in the MD and MSTP (MD/PhD) programs. Further information about the MD and MSTP degrees can be found in the Degrees & Programs Offered section of this Bulletin.  

Course Requirements

Instruction in obstetrics and gynecology is provided during all four years of the medical curriculum. As a component of the anatomy course offered in the first year, students are introduced to the topic of the female pelvic cavity by an introductory lecture that brings to life clinical correlations to the understanding of anatomy and embryology. Teaching in the second year is designed to correlate basic science with the physiologic basis of normal pregnancy and parturition, reproductive biology, infertility and reproductive endocrinology and gynecologic malignancies. All third-year medical students participate in a six-week clinical clerkship in obstetrics and gynecology. This is divided into three two-week components of outpatient OB-GYN, inpatient obstetrics and inpatient gynecology. In the fourth year, students may elect a sub-internship in the listed clinical subspecialties, a special studies elective, or a research elective.

Kelle H. Moley, MD
Sarah England, PhD
Indira Mysorekar, PhD
Celia Santi, PhD
Katherine Fuh MD, PhD

BJC Institute of Health, 10th Floor
Phone: 314-286-1775

In this six-week elective, students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in bench research in reproductive science.

  • Moley's research focuses on mammalian gametes, fertilization, preimplantation development and implantation.
  • England's laboratory focuses on uterine contractility and ion channels in the uterine myometrium.
  • The Mysorekar lab studies the dynamics of tissue regeneration in the adult mammalian urinary bladder pathogenesis of a common infectious disease in women: namely, recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs) and investigation of potential infectious etiology for preterm birth in pregnant women.
  • Santi's work focuses on ion channels in mouse and human sperm.
  • Fuh investigates cell signaling in ovarian cancer and the biology of ovarian cancer metastasis.

The main criteria for this rotation is that the student must have prior experience as an undergraduate or postgraduate in a laboratory, not including class work. This rotation is designed for the student planning a career in academic medicine as a physician scientist and one who is interested in considering reproductive science as a field. Prior to signing up for this course, the student must contact Dr. Moley to discuss the schedule and expectations of the rotation.

Visit online course listings to view offerings for M45 ObGyn.

M45 ObGyn 635B Obstetrics and Gynecology

The obstetric component of this course emphasizes the physiologic basis of normal pregnancy, parturition, and labor and delivery, and adaptations of other organ systems to pregnancy. Pathophysiology of pregnancy and deviations from normal labor will also be introduced. The gynecologic component of the course reviews embryology, and includes the topics pediatric and adolescent gynecology, amenorrhea, abnormal uterine bleeding, infertility, menopause, and diagnosis and treatment of gynecologic neoplasms.

Credit 16 units.

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M45 ObGyn 730 OB-GYN Clerkship

All third-year medical students participate in a six-week clinical clerkship in Obstetrics and Gynecology. This is divided into three two-week components of outpatient OB-GYN, inpatient obstetrics and inpatient gynecology. Comprehensive study of the reproductive health needs of women in both the office setting and the surgical setting is the focus of the curriculum. Students are actively involved in all settings of health care delivery: outpatient faculty clinics within all specialties, resident ambulatory clinics, operating rooms for all obstetric or gynecologic cases, inpatient floors of L&D and Gynecology, and the emergency department/hospital inpatient consults. Faculty, fellows, residents and nurse practitioners provide teaching for this rotation. Student-directed didactics include the faculty and chief resident lecture series, procedural skill station session and faculty-assigned preceptor groups that meet throughout their six-week rotation.

Credit 231 units.

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M45 ObGyn 804 OB-GYN Outpatient Care Sub-Internship

This experience is designed to primarily acquaint the student with the diagnosis and care of outpatients. Students will work one-on-one with attending staff, to focus on an overview of evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of common obstetric and gynecologic concerns. The sub-intern will spend one to three half days weekly participating in outpatient surgery under the supervision of attendings and house staff, and five to six additional half days in clinic and private offices. Overnight OB call will be selected over a weekend to acquaint the student with the house staff and hospital, providing opportunity to participate in deliveries. A 30-45 minute presentation to attendings and house staff will culminate the rotation on a selected OB-GYN topic.

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M45 ObGyn 810 OB-GYN Endocrinology - Infertility Sub-Internship

The sub-intern will participate (in the office and hospital) in the study and treatment of women with reproductive endocrine disorders and infertility. The student will attend and present in conferences, attend surgery, observe assisted reproductive technology procedures, have assigned reading and be an integral part of the reproductive endocrine service. Opportunities for clinical research projects in reproductive endocrinology are also available.

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M45 ObGyn 830 Gynecology Oncology Sub-Internship

The sub-intern will take part in the work-up of tumor patients prior to surgery and/or radiotherapy, assist in pelvic operations, help render perioperative care, and review pathology specimens and slides. The student will participate in GYN Tumor Clinic sessions, make hospital rounds with house staff, accompany chief residents on consultations, and attend OB-GYN conferences. Opportunities for clinical or basic research project in gynecologic malignancy are also available.

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M45 ObGyn 833 Special Topics in Reproductive Health

Students will attend a variety of outpatient clinics to interact with patients seeking different reproductive health services. These clinics include family planning and abortion services at Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region, the St. Louis County STD clinic, Adolescent and Pediatric Gynecology, Child Sexual Abuse, Teen OB, The SPOT, Ultrasound and Prenatal Diagnosis, and gynecology clinics at the Contraceptive Choice Center (C3) and Center for Outpatient Health (COH) and Center for Advanced Medicine (CAM). Clinical experiences will be ambulatory, but there is potential to work with Dr. Eisenberg in the operating room at Barnes-Jewish Hospital. Conferences include Obstetrics and Gynecology Grand Rounds every Wednesday at 7 a.m., Family Planning service meetings, and monthly Journal Club. Reading will include relevant articles and chapters. Students will be responsible for a brief (15-20 minute) presentation on a reproductive health topic at the conclusion of the course. Opportunities for clinical research in reproductive health are also available.

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M45 ObGyn 843 Maternal-Fetal Medicine Outpatient Care Sub-Internship

Students will see a variety of high risk obstetrical patients in the outpatient setting in the Center for Advanced Medicine and the Center for Outpatient Health. The student will evaluate various types of reproductive age patients with medical or obstetrical complications, including preconception consultations, prenatal care consultations and initial prenatal visits. The student will also see return patients to experience the continuity of prenatal care. Students will participate in antenatal testing and learn basic ultrasonography skills. The student will be responsible for one presentation to be given to the OB teams at the end of the rotation. Students are provided independent study time to put together the presentation which should be in PowerPoint and on a topic of their choice, inspired by a patient-related clinical condition that peaked their interest during the block. In addition, the student will have the option to take overnight call, or call in the Pregnancy Assessment Center in order to gain more hands-on experience with in-patient obstetrics. This is voluntary and not a requisite.

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M45 ObGyn 844 Maternal-Fetal Medicine Inpatient (Antepartum) Sub-Internship

Sub-interns will participate in the antepartum and intrapartum management of high-risk hospitalized patients. There is limited interaction with outpatients through the High-Risk Obstetrics Clinics and the Center for Diabetes in Pregnancy. Examples include diabetes, hypertension, renal disease, hematologic abnormalities, preterm labor and others. Antepartum evaluation and monitoring of the pregnant woman and her fetus are emphasized. Supervision is by the antepartum chief resident and a maternal-fetal medicine faculty member and fellow. An opportunity for intense labor and delivery experience with the Night Team is also encouraged. Students will spend time observing diagnostic obstetric ultrasound examinations. The student will prepare a brief talk on a topic of their interest during the course of the rotation.

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M45 ObGyn 856 OB-GYN Ultrasound - Genetics

Working with the attending physicians in the Ultrasound Units at the Center for Advanced Medicine and the Center for Women's Wellness at Missouri Baptist Medical Center, the student will learn the principles and techniques of noninvasive screening for fetal disorders and observe the performance of invasive prenatal diagnostic procedures. The student will also learn the standards and guidelines for performance of the antepartum obstetrical ultrasound examination and female pelvic examination. Normal and abnormal fetal and gynecologic anatomy will be reviewed. Experience will be gained in pedigree analysis and familial risk factor assessment by working with genetic counselors. One day is spent in the Cytogenetics Laboratory observing the preparation of prenatal specimens for karyotype analysis. Opportunities for participation in clinical research are also available.

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M45 ObGyn 861 Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery/GYN Urogynecology

The sub-intern will take part in the office evaluation of patients (with pelvic floor disorders including pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence, birth injuries), assist in pelvic floor reconstructive surgical procedures, and participate in perioperative care. The sub-intern will participate in office sessions, surgical cases and will be responsible for rounding with the Urogynecology resident on service as well as participating in consultations. The sub-intern will attend FPMRS didactic educational sessions and OB-GYN conferences. The sub-intern will be required to do a 45-minute presentation on an urogynecologic topic of choice by the end of the rotation. Opportunities for clinical research projects in Urogynecology are also available.

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M45 ObGyn 900 Research Elective - Obstetrics and Gynecology

Research opportunities may be available. If interested, please contact the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

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