The purpose of this joint degree is to train physicians in the knowledge and skills needed to recognize, analyze and solve the key problems affecting the health of our community and society. The MPH degree offered through the Brown School is unique in that it prepares students to apply public health sciences and transdisciplinary approaches to problem solving for improving population health, especially in vulnerable communities. Courses involve learning systematic approaches to implement and sustain public health discoveries regionally, nationally and internationally. Both the Brown School and the School of Medicine are top-ranked academic centers making this joint degree an outstanding opportunity.

Additional Information

For more information about the MD/MPH program, please contact Angela Hobson, PhD, Assistant Dean for Public Health at, 314-935-2760; or email


Applicants should be in the third year of their medical school program. Prior to entering the MPH program, students should have taken courses (up to 11 credit hours) that count toward their MPH degree.

The MD/MPH provides medical students with an opportunity to supplement their clinical training with courses and experiences designed to create transdisciplinary competencies on how to improve population health. Students learn the basics of public health from the foundations courses. MD/MPH students also can choose from a wide variety of Transdisciplinary Problem Solving Courses (two are required), and they will participate in small-group public health discussions in Public Health Seminar. The faculty and staff at the Brown School will help guide students to relevant practicum experiences. When course work and practicum are completed, MD/MPH students take a comprehensive case study exam that is the final MPH requirement (Culminating Experience). In addition to course work at Brown, MD/MPH students also have an opportunity to apply for the Master's Research Fellows program, allowing them to work on research projects during their MPH program.


Program format

Medical students will spend their fourth year in the MPH program. The MD/MPH curriculum is comprised of three full-time semesters of course work, (summer, fall, spring) at the Brown School, followed by the MPH Practicum and Culminating Experience. Students will meet the 52 required credit hours with the 11 credits earned in the MD program, 40 credits at the Brown School, and 1 credit in either program.

Core MPH courses

Cross-cutting Themes in Public Health
Environmental Health
Health Policy and Administration
Health Behavior and Health Promotion

Please visit the Brown School MPH website for more information about our public health research.

The Department of Public Health offers courses through the Graduate School. Visit the university online course listings for semester offerings for S55 MPH.