The School of Medicine is fully dedicated to providing an outstanding learning environment in which students are supported in meeting their individual professional goals. Services include Protective Services, which protects the Washington University School of Medicine campus and certain off-campus properties.

Uniformed Protective Services Officers are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide for personal safety, reduce the opportunity for crime, apprehend law violators, provide crime prevention and awareness training, and assist in enforcement of university rules and regulations. Armed Response Officers and unarmed Public Safety Officers are radio-dispatched. They respond immediately to telephone calls made to 314-362-4357. Officers patrol the campus on foot, on bicycles, and in marked mobile units. Contract Agency guards staff a few fixed posts to supplement the in-house officers.

The medical school access control program makes the campus accessible after hours and on weekends. Faculty, staff and students are issued a photo identification badge that identifies the wearer as a member of the medical school community. The badge has a magnetic strip and proximity chip that activates the computerized door lock entrances to the school's buildings. These entrances have two-way intercoms for direct communication with Protective Services Communications Officers, as do direct-ring telephones located outside select campus buildings and "Code Blue" emergency telephones on surface parking lots and in the garages.

Each year, Protective Services publishes a summary of statistical information concerning campus crime, as required by federal law, on the School of Medicine Operations & Facilities Management website, on our Crime Statistics webpage. A daily crime log, information on crime prevention tips, and the many services and programs provided by Protective Services also appear on the web. For a printed copy of the annual security report, contact Washington University School of Medicine, Protective Services Department, CB 8207, 660 S. Euclid Ave., St. Louis, MO 63110, or call 314-362-0460. A Safety & Security report is also available online.