E35 ESE 103 Introduction to Electrical Engineering

A hands-on introduction to electrical engineering to put the fun into the electrical engineering fundamentals. Experiments are designed to be easy to conduct and understand. Some of the technologies explored are used in a variety of applications including ultrasound imaging, computed tomography, DC motors, analog to digital converters and credit card readers. Students work in groups of two in the newly renovated Urbauer 115 laboratory. Each station is equipped with modern electronic test equipment and a computer with an integrated Data Acquisition system. Using this lab equipment, students design and build solutions to the exercises. The students also learn to program in LabVIEW to control the Data Acquisition system and process the acquired signals. Also, throughout the semester, presentations are given by the ESE faculty about their research.

Credit 1 unit. EN: TU

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School of Engineering & Applied Science


...131 and ESE 103 , first semester; ESE 260...E81); Electrical & Systems Engineering (E35); Energy, Environmental & Chemical...