E44 EECE 411 International Experience in EECE

This course provides undergraduate students with an international experience related to energy, environmental and/or chemical engineering. The country visited varies from year to year with one or more EECE faculty members developing the program in collaboration with McDonnell Global Energy and Environment Partnership (MAGEEP) universities. Example activities include conducting field or laboratory research, attending short courses taught by MAGEEP university faculty members, and visiting attractions relevant to the course focus (e.g., industrial facilities). Students also gain an understanding of the local culture and history of the country visited. Course content includes a seminar series in the spring semester prior to the international experience, a two-to-three week visit to the location of study, and a follow-up student project and presentations during the fall semester which draw upon the experience. Students enroll in EECE 411 for the fall semester following the trip. (Prior to FL2015, this course was numbered: E33 401.)

Credit 3 units. EN: TU

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