E44 EECE 534 Environmental Nanochemistry

This course involves the study of nanochemistry at various environmental interfaces, focusing on colloid, nanoparticle, and surface reactions. The course also (1) examines the thermodynamics and kinetics of nanoscale reactions at solid-water interfaces in the presence of inorganic or organic compounds and microorganisms; (2) investigates how nanoscale interfacial reactions affect the fate and transport of contaminants; (3) introduces multidisciplinary techniques for obtaining fundamental information about the structure and reactivity of nanoparticles and thin films, and the speciation or chemical form of environmental pollutants at the molecular scale; (4) explores connections between environmental nanochemistry and environmental kinetic analysis at larger scales. This course helps students attain a better understanding of the relationship between nanoscience/technology and the environment — specifically how nanoscience could potentially lead to better water treatments, more effective contaminated-site remediation, or new energy alternatives. (Prior to FL2015, this course was numbered: E33 534.)

Credit 3 units. EN: TU

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