E81 CSE 131 Computer Science I

An introduction to software concepts and implementation, emphasizing problem solving through abstraction and decomposition. Introduces processes and algorithms, procedural abstraction, data abstraction, encapsulation and object-oriented programming. Recursion, iteration and simple data structures are covered. Concepts and skills are mastered through programming projects, many of which employ graphics to enhance conceptual understanding. Java, an object-oriented programming language, is the vehicle of exploration. Active-learning sessions are conducted in a studio setting in which students interact with each other and the professor to solve problems collaboratively. Prerequisites: Comfort with algebra and geometry at the high school level is assumed. Patience, good planning and organization promote success. This course assumes no prior experience with programming.

Credit 3 units. BU: SCI EN: TU

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...Computer Science (E81) No credit given but a student can take the CSE 131 placement...

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...Computer Engineering: CSE 131 , first semester; CSE 132...E62); Computer Science & Engineering (E81); Electrical & Systems Engineering...

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