E81 CSE 132 Computer Science II

CSE 132 introduces students to fundamental concepts in the basic operation of computers, ranging from desktops and servers to microcontrollers and handheld devices. Subjects include digital and analog input/output, sensing the physical world, information representation, basic computer architecture and machine language, time-critical computation, machine-to-machine communication and protocol design. Students will use both desktop systems and handheld microcontrollers for laboratory experiments. Active-learning sessions are conducted in a studio setting in which students interact with each other and the professor to solve problems collaboratively. Prerequisite: CSE 131.

Credit 3 units. EN: TU

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Admission Procedures


...scores. Math 132 = 3 units...Computer Science (E81) No credit...take the CSE 131 placement...

School of Engineering & Applied Science


...Engineering: CSE 131 , first semester; CSE 132 , second...E62); Computer Science & Engineering (E81); Electrical & Systems Engineering...

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