L07 Chem 261 Organic Chemistry I with Lab

The first part of a two-semester survey of organic chemistry. The course includes an introduction to organic structures, reactions and reaction mechanisms. The laboratory meets on alternate weeks and include an introduction to laboratory methods in organic chemistry, including separation and methods of purification of organic compounds. Prerequisites: Chem 112A, Chem 152.

Credit 4 units. A&S: NS A&S IQ: NSM Arch: NSM Art: NSM BU: SCI

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Admission Procedures


...registration in Chem 261 or Chem 401 or...No credit given. Chemistry (L07) Those students who...



...2970, Chem 262. Same as L07 Chem 481...Biol 2960, 2970; Chem 261, 262, and Biol...