L11 Econ 4021 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory

National income and labor market measurement. Business cycle facts and consideration of alternative explanations for business cycle phenomena. Development of Solow growth model, along with theories of endogenous growth and an examination of reasons for differences in growth rates across counties. General equilibrium description of firms and consumers in labor and product markets. Implementation of monetary and fiscal policy, and exploration of the impact of policy changes on the macroeconomy. Prerequisites: Econ 1021 and Econ 4011.

Credit 3 units. A&S: SS A&S IQ: SSC Arch: SSC Art: SSC EN: S

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...to bypass Econ 1011. Economics-Macro (L11) -- Test...upon completion of Econ 4021 with a grade...



The Economics program explores the problems of a modern economy and introduces the methodological tools economists use. It emphasizes the development of analytical models and their application to important economic, social and political issues such as inflation, unemployment, taxation, poverty, pollution, government decision-making and regulation. Our faculty, which is made up of leading teacher-scholars, includes specialists in: economic history, game theory, microeconomics, industrial organization, macroeconomics, monetary economics, political economy and public finance.