L11 Econ 451 Environmental Policy

Course examines the relationship between environmental economics and environmental policy. The course focuses on air pollution, water pollution and hazardous wastes, with some attention given to biodiversity and global climate change. The course examines critically two prescriptions that economics usually endorses: (1) "balancing" of benefits against costs (e.g., benefit-cost analysis) and the use of risk analysis in evaluating policy alternatives; and (2) use of market incentives (e.g., prices, taxes or charges) or "property rights" instead of traditional command-and-control regulations to implement environmental policy. Prerequisite: Econ 1011.

Credit 3 units. A&S: SS A&S IQ: SSC Art: SSC BU: BA, ETH

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Environmental Studies


...implement environmental policy. Prerequisite: Econ 1011. Same as L11 Econ 451 Credit 3 units. A...



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