L21 German 302D Advanced German: Core Course V

Continuation of German 301D. Refinement and expansion of German communication skills (speaking, listening, writing, reading), deepening understanding of German grammatical structures, acquisition of more sophisticated and varied vocabulary, introduction to stylistics through discussion and analysis of literary and nonliterary texts. In addition to the regular class meetings, students should sign up for a twice-weekly subsection. Prerequisite: German 301D or equivalent, or placement by examination. Students completing this course successfully may enter the 400 level.

Credit 4 units. A&S: LA A&S IQ: LCD, LS BU: HUM

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...course: German 301D , German 302D , German 313 , German...German A1, German B (Modern Foreign Languages) (L21...

Germanic Languages and Literatures


Germanic Languages and Literatures offers a diverse and challenging program of study in the language, literature and culture of the German-speaking countries. In this program, students engage in intensive study of the German language and explore German literature and culture, from the Middle Ages to the present. They also have the opportunity to learn business German and to study the politics and culture of contemporary Germany.