L21 German 340C German Literature and the Modern Era

Introduction in English to German writers from 1750 to the present. Discussion focuses on questions like the role of outsiders in society, the human psyche, technology, war, gender, the individual and mass culture, modern and postmodern sensibilities as they are posed in predominantly literary texts and in relation to the changing political and cultural faces of Germany over the past 250 years. Readings include works in translation by some of the most influential figures of the German tradition, such as Goethe, Nietzsche, Freud, Kafka, Thomas Mann, Brecht, and Christa Wolf. Open to first-year students, nonmajors and majors. Required for admission to 400-level courses (except 401, 402, 403, 404 and 408D). Qualifies for major or minor credit when taken in conjunction with a one-hour discussion section in German. The discussion section provides an introduction to critical German vocabulary and is open to students with prior knowledge of German (German 210D or equivalent, or placement by examination). Note: Beginning in 2017-18, this course will be 3 units. It must be taken with discussion-based course German 340D (1 unit) for students to count German 340C toward their major or minor.

Credit variable, maximum 4 units. A&S: TH, CD A&S IQ: HUM, LCD Art: HUM BU: ETH, IS

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