L22 History 164 Introduction to World History: The Second World War in World History

As an introduction to world and comparative history, this course tours the globe in an era when the world was engulfed by war. The Second World War was a period of intense violence, upheaval, and profound change that touched every continent in one way or another by destroying, remaking, and inventing international, domestic, and local institutions. Where conventional studies of the conflict focus on military and diplomatic matters, this course surveys the causes, scope and consequences of World War II for a representative sample of the common people of Europe, the Americas, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. It uses the war's influence on race, gender, disease, propaganda, technology, literature, film, music and material culture to introduce students to the basic concepts and methodologies of world and comparative history. Introductory course to the major and minor.

Credit 3 units. A&S: TH, CD, SD A&S IQ: HUM, LCD, SD Art: HUM BU: IS EN: H

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...the history major and minor.) (L22) Grade 5: 3 units of credit for History 164...



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