L24 Math 308 Mathematics for the Physical Sciences

Continuation of Math 233 emphasizing topics of interest in the physical sciences. Topics in multivariable and vector calculus (div, grad, curl); line, surface integrals and connections to electromagnetism; Fourier series and integrals; boundary value problems (diffusion and wave equations); additional topics if time permits. Students may not receive credit toward a math major or minor for both Math 308 and Math 318. Prerequisite: Math 233 and 217, or permission of instructor.

Credit 3 units. A&S: NS A&S IQ: NSM Arch: NSM Art: NSM BU: SCI

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Mathematics has always held a central position in the liberal arts, and over time it has also come to play an important role in more and more aspects of our lives. Mathematical analysis and modeling are involved in many areas, far beyond the traditional association of mathematics with the physical sciences and engineering. This fact is reflected in the diversity of the students who study at least some mathematics during their time at Washington University — students who recognize the importance of quantitative skills in a world that becomes more and more technological.