L32 Pol Sci 102B Introduction to Comparative Politics

One of the primary goals of a course in comparative politics is to familiarize students with a broad array of political systems. The approach taken in this course can best be characterized as the active acquisition and use of a set of tools for looking at the political world. In other words, instead of putting emphasis on what textbook writers think political scientists know, in this course the emphasis is on "how we know what we know" and on building knowledge. This approach equips students with a set of tools to use long after the course is over. These comparative tools are focused on historical, recent and current events, and students are provided the opportunity to delve more deeply into a study of the parts of the world they find most interesting.

Credit 3 units. A&S: SS A&S IQ: LCD, SSC Art: SSC BU: BA, IS UColl: PSC

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