L33 Psych 100B Introduction to Psychology

A survey and analysis of concepts, theory and research covering the areas of learning, memory, social, abnormal, clinical, physiological and sensory psychology. This is a general survey course designed to introduce students to the diversity of areas, approaches and theories that comprise the study of mind and behavior. Psych 100B is required of all majors and is prerequisite to all upper-level courses in Psychology. Open to freshmen. Note: For freshmen with AP/IB exemption, and freshmen and sophomores concurrently enrolled in Psych 100B who are interested in exploring a few areas of Psychology within a seminar format, refer to the companion course, Psych 102 Seminar: Introduction to Psychology.

Credit 3 units. A&S: SS A&S IQ: SSC Art: SSC BU: BA EN: S

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Admission Procedures


...awarded. Psychological & Brain Sciences (L33) Grade 7, 6: Waives the Psych 100B Introduction to Psychology...



...100B and one of the following: Psych 354 or 3401 or 344. Same as L33...

Psychological & Brain Sciences


Psychological & Brain Sciences allows students to examine in depth the study of behavior in the areas of: