L34 French 102D French Level 2: Essential French 2

This second course in the French language program focuses on more advanced language skills to stress further rapid acquisition of spoken French, listening comprehension, reading and writing skills. It is designed to immerse students as much as possible into French language and culture. The five-day-a-week course is taught in French to impart communicative competence through the acquisition of everyday grammar and vocabulary. The textbook works with a feature-length French film in order to create a meaningful and culturally relevant context for the grammatical and thematic structures studied. While not required, it is strongly recommended that students enroll in French 1021, a 1-credit, pass/fail practice session. Prerequisite: French 101D or equivalent (often recommended for students with two to three years of high school French [seventh and eighth grades counting as one year]).

Credit 5 units. A&S: LA A&S IQ: LCD, LS BU: HUM

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...minor. French (L34) A grade of A to be awarded 3 units for French 102D...