L36 Ital 308D Grammar and Composition II

A continuation of Italian 307D, this course features advanced lessons in Italian syntax and vocabulary and an introduction to the analysis of poetry and theatrical texts, with the goal of improving both reading and writing in Italian. The basis of our work is a series of readings having a common theme, desire requited and unrequited. We think about what poets desire, how they give verbal expression to it, and how the success or failure of their pursuit informs their writing. Likewise we look at how playwrights exploit this theme as a plot device. Readings include poetry by Petrarch, Michelangelo, Tasso and Montale, as well as two comedies. Grammar exams and regular composition assignments; final exam. Essential for further study of Italian language and literature, this course must be taken concurrently with Italian 323C or 324C. Prerequisite: Ital 307D or permission of instructor.

Credit 3 units. A&S: LA A&S IQ: LCD, LS BU: HUM

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...Ital 102D Ital 308D = 3 units for Ital...by departmental examination. Italian (L36) Credit is awarded...