L38 Span 307D Spanish Level 4: Grammar and Composition

This course combines a review of Spanish grammar and syntax with the analysis of several concrete examples of cultural production in Spanish. This dual emphasis on refining linguistic skills already studied, and exploring the cultural diversity of the Spanish-speaking world, will provide students with the tools for effective and culturally appropriate written and oral communication in Spanish necessary for establishing strong cross-cultural relations in today's interconnected world. Prerequisites: Span 201D or Span 202 or placement by examination.

Credit 3 units. A&S: LA A&S IQ: LCD, LS BU: HUM

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...Span 102D Span 307D * = 3 units for Span...for Russ 102 Spanish (L38) Credit is awarded...



...the credits typically obtained through L38 Span 307D. L38 Span 307D is a prerequisite for...

Latin American Studies


...Prerequisite: Span 307D; concurrent registration in Span 308E...Spanish. Same as L38 Span 354 Credit 3...