L41 Biol 2970 Principles of Biology II

A broad overview of genetics, including Mendelian assortment, linkage, chromosomal aberrations, variations in chromosome number, mutation, developmental genetics, quantitative genetics, population genetics, mechanisms of evolution, and phylogenetics. Three lectures and one laboratory period each week. Does not fulfill the laboratory requirement of the biology major. Students must sign up for a lab during preregistration. Prerequisite: Biol 2960 or permission of instructor. Examination schedule: tests, at which attendance is required, are to be announced.

Credit 4 units. A&S: NS A&S IQ: NSM Art: NSM BU: SCI

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...freshman year and Biol 2970 in the fall...minor. International Baccalaureate Biology (L41) Grade 7, 6...



Biology is an exciting, diverse field ranging from the molecular biology of individual cells to interactions among entire populations of organisms. Members of the biology faculty are recognized internationally for their research and bring a variety of strengths and teaching styles into the classroom. The major program in biology provides a thorough education in the history of scientific discovery in biology, the logical and statistical procedures used to formulate and to test biological hypotheses, and technical skills needed for conducting contemporary biological research.