L49 Arab 108D Beginning Arabic II

Continuation of Arab 107D. Emphasis on enhancing skills in reading, writing, speaking and aural comprehension of modern Arabic. Prerequisite: grade of B- or better in Arab 107DQ or placement by examination. Five class hours a week with additional drill or laboratory hours arranged by instructor.

Credit 5 units. A&S: LA A&S IQ: LCD, LS BU: HUM

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...Arabic Arab 207D = 3 units for Arab 108D...for ACCT 2610 . Arabic (L49) Please refer to...



The Department of Jewish, Islamic and Near Eastern Languages and Cultures offers a major and a minor in Arabic. As majors in Arabic, students can expect to gain proficiency in the language, study the area's literary and cultural landmarks, and gain familiarity with Near Eastern history and civilizations.