E60 Engr 324 From Concept to Market: The Business of Engineering

This course introduces students to the fascinating and complex process of bringing new technologies from the concept stage to the market place. The course draws on experiences of successful entrepreneurs and industry professionals to address some of the most important elements of the technology life cycle. Topics include the theory, practice, challenges and opportunities of business strategy development, FDA regulations, product development, finances, sales and marketing, patents and intellectual property protection, team and corporate culture and professional ethics. The course exposes students to the real-world experiences of guest speakers with diverse backgrounds including practicing engineers, entrepreneurs, attorneys, investors, industrial psychologists, team development professionals, career development coaches and other relevant professionals. The course provides fun, thought-provoking and interactive learning throughout the semester, culminating in presentations by student groups at the end of the semester in lieu of a final exam. Student teams each conceive a hypothetical product and develop and present a complete business plan addressing issues covered throughout the course. Students bring remarkable creativity and imagination to the final project, bringing the course to a rousing conclusion. Business, arts and sciences and other non-engineering students are encouraged to join the course and take advantage of the value it offers. Pre-requisites: junior or senior standing, or permission of the instructor.

Credit 3 units. EN: DU, SU, TU

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Electrical & Systems Engineering


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