Dean's List: In recognition of exceptional scholarship, the Office of the Dean compiles, at the end of each academic year, a list of those students whose work has been particularly worthy of commendation. Students will be eligible for the Dean's List if they:

  1. Have earned at least 14 credit hours per semester under the "credit" grade option; this excludes the grade options of "pass/fail" and "audit" and courses in University College, and;
  2. Achieve a semester grade point average of 3.5 or higher.

Latin Honors: Graduating students may be considered for Latin Honors (cum laude, magna cum laude, or summa cum laude) as determined by academic performance.

Special Awards, Medals and Prizes


Betty Lou Custer Award. The St. Louis Chapter of the American Institute of Architects presents a book award in memory of Betty Lou Custer, longstanding executive director of the chapter, to an outstanding graduate receiving either undergraduate degree. In recognition of Custer's service to the profession of architecture, the prize is awarded to a student who has contributed willing service to the College of Architecture.

Faculty Award. The faculty of the College of Architecture offers a book award to an outstanding BDes or BS undergraduate in the college.

Sophomore Book Prize. Presented to an outstanding sophomore who has completed the basic design sequence within the college. Given in honor of Leslie J. Laskey, professor emeritus, whose inspired teaching formed the basis of the basic design program and whose influence is carried on in the lives and work of the students who studied with him.


Alpha Rho Chi Medal. Alpha Rho Chi, a national social fraternity in architecture, awards a medal to the graduating sixth-year student who has shown an ability for leadership, has performed willing service for the Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design, and has given promise of real professional merit.

American Institute of Architects Medal. Each year, the AIA medal is awarded to a member of the graduating class in recognition of scholastic achievement, character and promise of professional ability. The student so honored receives the engraved medal. The runner-up also may be awarded a certificate, depending on the decision of the faculty. The awards are made in the name of the Henry Adams Fund by the AIA.

All School

James Walter Fitzgibbon Prize. Mrs. James Fitzgibbon and friends of the family established a fund to honor Professor Fitzgibbon's memory and to recall his long and distinguished service on the faculty of Architecture. The annual income from this fund provides for the Fitzgibbon Prize, given to a 300- to 600-level student who has the winning solution to a one-day sketch problem.

William Tao Prize. Established by William K.Y. Tao, P.E., alumnus, emeritus trustee and affiliate professor at Washington University, the William Tao Prize provides an annual cash award to students who have demonstrated excellence in the understanding and application of building systems in architecture, including illumination, electrical and mechanical engineering, and energy-efficient design.

Frederick Widmann Prize in Architecture. Through a bequest from the late Frederick Widmann, an annual prize of at least $1,500 is offered to the best architectural student in the university. The selection is made by the faculty of the architecture college.

Scholarship Funds

Scholarships with Applications

St. Louis Chapter American Institute of Architects Scholarship Fund. For students from the St. Louis metropolitan area who have completed the first two years of their architectural studies. Inquiries should be addressed to the St. Louis Chapter AIA, 911 Washington Ave., #225, St. Louis, Missouri 63101. Separate application is required.

The James W. Fitzgibbon Scholarship in Architecture. Awarded to support four years of study leading to either undergraduate architecture degree. The Fitzgibbon Scholar is selected in recognition of outstanding academic performance and promise in the field of architecture. The scholarship is in the amount of full tuition, renewable for a total of four years of undergraduate study. Up to five partial-tuition scholarships are also available. For more information, contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Separate application is required.

Scholars in Architecture

The Scholars in Architecture program provides named scholarship funds that have been donated to the university by individuals or companies specifically for this purpose. Selection is based on financial need and academic achievement. There is no application process. The total amount of the student's financial assistance package does not change.