This program provides a student with the opportunity to prepare their academic career with maximum flexibility, but with enough organization to assure substantive, consistent training in systems science methodology and outlook. This program is recommended if students wish to pursue a program that does not follow conventional lines. It is an especially advantageous degree for a double major in association with mathematics, physics, economics or another engineering discipline. The program can be planned to provide a desirable background for graduate work in biological, medical or management fields. This applied science degree is not accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET.

The degree requirements include the residency and general requirements of the university and the School of Engineering & Applied Science and:

Courses Units
Humanities and social sciences electives 18
Mathematics, science and engineering electives 24
Required courses: ESE 105, ESE 351, ESE 403, and ESE 441 12
Computer Science requirement (CSE 131) 3
Systems science and engineering electives (ESE 205, ESE 400–428, ESE 437, ESE 440–459, ESE 470–499, ESE 500–529, ESE 540–559, and SWCD 5660) 18
Free electives 48
Total 120

The program must include at least 48 units at the 300 level or higher.

The above program assumes completion of the following courses:

Math 132 Calculus II, Math 233 Calculus III, Math 217 Differential Equations, Physics 197 Physics I, Physics 198 Physics II, ESE 318 Engineering Mathematics A, ESE 319 Engineering Mathematics B, and ESE 326 Probability and Statistics for Engineering.