Program Director: Jung-Tsung Shen

Units required: 19

The minor in applied physics & electrical engineering provides students with course work that will enhance their background, knowledge and skills in the topical area of applied physics and electrical engineering. This program covers classes in several fields of science and engineering, encompassing electronics, solid-state devices, applied electromagnetics, RF and microwave technology, fiber-optic communication, applied optics, nanophotonics, sensors, and medical and biological imaging technology.

This program consists of six courses total: one required course, two core courses and three electives. At least three courses among the six courses must be ESE courses taught by the ESE department and not taught by other departments by means of cross-listing. Students who complete the following requirements in Applied Physics & Electrical Engineering subjects at Washington University as specified below may be awarded a minor in applied physics & engineering.

Target students: Students who are interested in applied physics and electrical engineering applications.

Prerequisite: ESE 318 Engineering Mathematics A, or equivalent, is recommended.

Course requirements:

  1. Required course:
    ESE 230 Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Circuits
  2. One core lab course from the following list:
    ESE 331 Electronics Laboratory; or Physics 321 Electronics Laboratory
    ESE 435 Electrical Energy Laboratory
  3. One core course from the following list:
    ESE 232 Introduction to Electronic Circuits
    ESE 330 Engineering Electromagnetics Principles; or Physics 421 Electricity and Magnetism
    ESE 337 Electronic Devices and Circuits
    ESE 444 Sensors and Actuators
    Physics 471 Quantum Mechanics
  4. Three electives from the following list. These three courses (i) must exclude the course selected in the requirement (3) above, and (ii) must include at least one Physics course:
ESE 232Introduction to Electronic Circuits3
ESE 330Engineering Electromagnetics Principles3
ESE 332Power, Energy and Polyphase Circuits3
ESE 337Electronic Devices and Circuits3
ESE 433Radio Frequency and Microwave Technology for Wireless Systems3
ESE 434Solid-State Power Circuits and Applications3
ESE 438Applied Optics3
ESE 444Sensors and Actuators3
ESE 531Nano and Micro Photonics3
ESE 532Introduction to Nano-Photonic Devices3
ESE 534Special Topics in Advanced Electrodynamics3
ESE 575Fiber-Optic Communications3
Physics 463Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics3
Physics 471Quantum Mechanics3
Physics 472Solid State Physics3
L31 Physics 537Kinetics of Materials3